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G'Day! Welcome to our Australian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Australian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • 555 Electronics - Imports Unilab teaching kits and supplies them to Australian schools. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • ACS Distance Education - Offers a variety of training courses with information on programmes, enrollment, learning and down loadable hand books. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Auskor Australasia - Education broking agency for Australian higher education and English Language courses. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Institute of Languages Franchise - Provides the University of New South Wales English language franchise program globally. Syllabus, (suits IELTS preparation) and branding for partners, and universities everywhere. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Teaching Aids - Publisher of learning aids including books and charts designed to assist learning by encouraging performance through merit based rewards. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Brainstorm Educational Resources - Education products for speech pathologists, teachers and parents. Large range of speech and language learning assistance products. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Bullying. No way! - A website to assist students and teachers to make informed responses to bullying and harassment in the school environment. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Class Media Interactive School Yearbooks - Classmedia creates interactive CD-ROMs incorporating interviews, profiles, video footage and photos of your school (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Educational Art Supplies - Distributors and wholesalers of art and craft supplies for kindergartens, child care centres and primary schools. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • IDP Education Australia - Online application, advice and information for international students wanting to study at any of 37 Australian universities or education institutions. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Image Link Productions - Producer of educational videos that focus on community development and business skills. Offers a profile and history of the company, as well as sales and contact information. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Inscript Publishing - Inscript publishing produces books and resources for the academic and educational organisations. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Knowledge Books and Software - Text book publisher with products for primary, secondary and tertiary educators. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Lifeplan Funds Management - A education savings plan assisting parents to save for their child's education. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Macquarie Educational Tours - Licensed travel agent specialising in organising and conducting school excursions. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Maths Power - Tutorial software intended for at-home use. Includes explanation of features, FAQs, testimonials, and pricing details. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Oz Homestay - Student accommodation service specialising housing students with families in the inner and outer western regions of Sydney. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Primary School - Sites, Lessons, Resources - Education directory of sites, lessons, texts, videos, software and reference material relating to all aspects of the Primary School Curriculum. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Random Masters - Mathematics resource for parents, teachers and students, covering years 1 to 12. Allows users to create an unlimited variety of worksheets with solutions, for the teaching and learning mathematics. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Sign With Me - AUSLAN CD-Rom - Accompanying website for the 'Sign With Me' CD-ROM, the Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) resource builder for young children, their carers and teachers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Spreadsheets in Education - Website which focuses on the use of spreadsheets for the purposes of education, at both a school and university level. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Textbook Exchange - Secondhand textbook exchange for Australian university and TAFE students. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • - Buy, sell, trade your 2nd hand textbooks, mobile phones, list accommodation, cars etc. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • UNSW Foundation Year - This program prepares international undergraduate students for study at Australian universities. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • We Study in Australia - Organisation of students providing services for students, who want to study in Australia. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )


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