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Adelaide Australia by Expedia

Adelaide - One of Australia's most striking cities. The South Australian capital has the perfect combination of big-city living and outdoor beauty. Check out the best sights in Adelaide, here

Brisbane Australia by Expedia

Brisbane - This city is best any time of year. As the capital of Australia's sunshine state, a typical Brisbane day promises to be no less than perfect. Check out the city favorites, here.

Canberra Australia by Expedia

Canberra - Purpose built as Australia's capital city, Canberra is a 3-hour drive from both the snowy mountains and the beautiful beaches of New South Wales.

Cairns Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Cairns - The gateway to tropical North Queensland. Check out the best places to visit in Cairns and be on your way to the great outdoors.

Darwin Australia by Expedia

Darwin - Welcome to the capital of Australia's Northern Territory. This coastal city has lots on offer; check out our video to see the best spots to visit.

Hobart Australia by Expedia

Hobart - Tasmania's capital city is steeped in history, come take part in the reborn city as you follow us through the town. Check out the top spots in Hobart today, and fuel your travel inspiration.

Melbourne Australia by Expedia

Melbourne - this much-loved Aussie city has long taken residency atop the 'world's most livable cities' list. Follow our journey through the maze of laneways and see why for yourself.

Perth Australia by Expedia

Perth - The gem of Australia's west coast and the capital of Western Australia. This friendly metropolis boasts pristine beaches, clear water, and plenty of coastline - not to mention an abundance of nature and mineral resources.

Sydney Australia by Expedia

Sydney - a glistening harbour city surrounded by beaches and impressive architecture. Join us as we uncover some of the best things to do in Sydney, Australia.

Gold Coast, Australia by Expedia

Gold Coast - Australia's place to be for lovers of sun, sand, sights and sea! Check out the top spots in this incredible beachside destination and see why the region is a firm favorite for travelers.

Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Vacation Travel Guide, Australia by Expedia

Kakadu National Park - Step back in time to a wilderness unspoiled by human occupation. Check out the top spots to explore in this remarkable sanctuary.

Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Margaret River Wine Region - Surrounded by coasts on three sides and enjoying virtually rain-free summers, this region is primed and ready for lovers of more than just wine.

Northern Rivers Vacation Travel Guide, Australia by Expedia

Northern Rivers - This Australian region rolls out paradise upon paradise as a nature-lovers' haven. Don't miss the best areas to check out on vacation here.

Sunshine Coast, Australia by Expedia

Sunshine Coast - A region blessed by mother nature, venture here to enjoy miles of spectacular coastline on one side and tranquil hinterland on the other.

Whitsunday Islands Vacation Travel Guide, Australia by Expedia

The Whitsundays: An Australian island group nestled in the calm waters between the Great Barrier Reef and the Central Queensland Coast.

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