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G'Day! Welcome to our Australian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Australian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Alzheimers Australia - The peak body providing support and advocacy for people living with dementia. Includes sections on services, support, education, training and a help line. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Asthma Australia - Aims to eliminate asthma as a major cause of ill health and disruption within the community. Includes information, resources and programs in more than 12 languages. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Herpes Information - Provides information on living with the disease, treatment options and contact details for sexual health professionals in Australia. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Kidney Foundation - National Renal Resource Centre with brochures covering all aspacts of renal and urological disease. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • AWHSSG - Australian Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Support Group, with reports from the biennial conference held in odd-numbered years. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Breast Cancer Institute of Australia - Supports clinical trials research that identifies safe and effective treatments for breast cancer and prevention strategies for all women. Includes information on campaigns and events, research and a photo gallery. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Cervical Screening - National campaign aimed at reducing cervical cancer. Includes policy papers, explanation of the Pap test, and information for professionals. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Diabetes Australia - National peak body for diabetes providing a collective voice for people living with diabetes, their families and carers. Research funding, health services, self–management products and services, and public awareness of diabetes. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Diabetes Counselling Online - Online counselling and discussion forum for australians with diabetes. Includes information for diabetics, details of the counselling service, and extensive list of related links in each state. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Dragons Abreast Australia - National organization offering survivors from all age groups the chance to participate in the sport of dragon boat racing. Includes photographs, events calendar, description of health benefits, and details of state groups. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Glaucoma Australia - A non-profit registered charity with a mission to minimise visual disability from glaucoma and to offer support and education for suffers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Look Good...Feel Better - A free community service program in all states which helps women manage the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Includes practical tips and details of workshops. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Lysosomal Diseases Australia - Established to represent the needs of all lysosomal storage disorder patients, families and carers Australia-wide. Resources and references are available on symptoms, treatments and types of Lysosomal Storage Diseases. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Mesothelioma Wise - Mesothelioma facts and resources including history, statistics, research and support organisations. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • National Breast Cancer Centre - Offers information about breast cancer for consumers and health professionals. Includes advice, news, programs and events. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • National Heart Foundation - Information for professionals and community members in the fight against premature death and disability caused by cardiovascular disease. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • National Stroke Foundation - Working with affected families, governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, and the general public to reduce the impact of stroke. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Osteoporosis Australia - Registered charity whose aim is to fund research in bone metabolism and related issues. The site has information on awareness, education, prevention, management, research and advocacy. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Parkinsons Australia - The peak body representing all of the state organisations that offer support to people with Parkinson’s disease (Pd). (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Perspectives on Parkinson's - Describing the fund-raising of a young woman with Parkinson’s. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Post-Polio Network - A directory set up to provide advice through an information kit, regular newsletters and bulletins on polio and the management of its late effects. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - National body working to reduce the impact of prostate cancer on the Australian men, their partners and families, and the community. Includes medical information, support groups, events and research grants. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )


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