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G'Day! Welcome to our Australian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Australian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Auinfo - Interactive map, state-by-state information and travel guide. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • AusEmade - Includes accommodation, attractions, transport, tours, backpackers, travel agents, accessibility, shopping, travel diaries and links. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Aussie Info - Tourist information including food, flowers, animals, slang, and history. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Aussie Traveller - Maps, information, accommodation and photo gallery on all of Australia (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Austguide - Directory of tourist, travel and leisure sites organised by subject and state. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australia - an aussie's point of view - Non-commercial travel guide to the best Australia has to offer for the short term visitor. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australia Travel Notes - Regular travel articles, links, and a travel forum for all things Australian. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australia Travel Search - A search engine of Australian travel and tourism related web sites. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australia's Maritime World - Australia's maritime history and current attractions, activities and adventures for sea, ship and shore lovers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Explorer - Travel guide offering a wide range of information for families, backpackers and all other travellers planning a holiday in Australia. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Australian Travel Emporium - Information on holidays, tours, vacations, attractions, accommodation, and travel tips. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Avalook at Australia - Tips and hints for travellers and tourists. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Backpacking Tours Australia - Tours, hire and backpacker accommodation with information on Australian regions and businesses offering discounts for travellers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Click for Australia - Learn about Australia. Places to stay, things to see, tours and how to get around. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • FrogandToad - Information on wildlife, travel distances and food as well as local facts, maps and links to tour and accommodation providers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • iExplore - Australia - Adventure and experiential travel group provides a guide on the country and its history, events, places to go and activities with tours, photos and other tourist information. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Lonely Planet - Australia - Comprehensive facts and advice for traveling along with background material on the culture and history of the country. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • My Australia - Travel advice, photographs with tour suggestions. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Nullarbor Net - An independent travel guide to the Nullarbor Plain including Southern Right whales, Bunda Cliffs and Cactus Beach. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Oztourism - Useful information about where to stay, location of internet cafes, public holiday dates and descriptions of towns. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Parker Travel Collection - Australian holiday product available at special pricing to the travel industry and public. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • SMH Traveller: Australia - The Fairfax Network traveller's guide to Australian cities and towns. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • So You Wanna - Information site for Americans considering travelling to Australia (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Sydney-Melbourne Touring - Information about the cities along the coast between Sydney and Melbourne, links to local guides, and proposed itineraries. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • The Stoned Crows - Over fifty pages and useful links for packbackers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Total - Covers all regions. Discount accommodation, tours, transport, guides and local links. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Travel Around Australia - Information on wildlife, travel distances and food as well as local facts, maps and links to tour and accommodation providers. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Travel Downunder - Search for and read reviews on accommodation, tours and attractions. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Travelhops - Travel search engine and directory guide compiled by human editors including 5000+ Australia accommodation, transportation and tourist attraction sites. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Travelmate - Complete guide to travel in Australia: destinations, activities and sightseeing, accommodation auctions, custom maps and driving directions, petrol prices and in-car games for kids. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Virtual Australia - Photos and travel information on Australia. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • Weblog Oz - Features brief articles, information and reviews of cities, towns, shops, attractions and things to do throughout Australia. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )
  • World Travel Guide - Australia - Tourist and business travel information with facts on climate, visa, health, passport, currency and customs requirements. (Added: 15-Aug-2012 Hits: )


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