Sydney Harbour Bridge & Campbell's Cove

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This is a photograph of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Overseas Passenger Terminal situated at Circular Quay (West). In the foreground is Campbell's Cove, named after prominent Scottish merchant Robert Campbell who broke the trading monopoly of the British East India Company in this region.  Robert Campbell is commonly known as the father of Australian commerce. Just to the left out of sight are Campbell's storehouses.

The large building in the middle of the photo is the Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel. On the right of the hotel is the Dawes Point Reserve which was undergoing remedial work at the time this photo was taken. The trees behind the hotel grow in Dawes Point Park which is situated at the base of the southern bridge pylon. A museum and tourist centre with a lookout of the harbour can be found in one of the southern pylons.

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Campbell's Cove

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